diabetes in the media

On Patience and Patients

I had an appointment at my diabetes eye specialist recently that I cancelled and re-booked. Once, I did that about 6 times, before finally going through with the appointment……The appointment has come again this week, and yet again I am sitting here deciding whether to go through with it, or postpone. The thing is, when…

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advocacy: speaking up: staying strong

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘Advocacy’ over the past few months. Part of this has been around some of the negative stereotyping & anger around the different ‘types’ of diabetes. Part of it has been around the health of my 91 year old mother, who is living with dementia, alongside a host of physical…

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People, Politics and Pancreases

A funny thing happens every year in National Diabetes Week here in Australia and I am sure it happens across the world as follows: 1) The main players and policy makers decide on a focus, (which quite rightly given the huge numbers and costs to us all)  is usually about something to do with type…

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